WeOwn brought legal and regulatory expert Susanne Geber to its advisory board. Blockchain companies are building up expertise to deal with potential regulatory challenges ahead.

Liechtenstein-based blockchain company WeOwn announced changes to their team. The banking and regulatory expert Susanne S. Geber has joined its advisory board. She brings expertise in regulatory policy and relations in the DACH region to WeOwn.

What does WeOwn do?

WeOwn was founded in 2017 in Liechtenstein and introduced its first business funding product: a blockchain-powered digital share register, which should make it simpler for companies to track investors.

The company offers a range of mostly blockchain-based business solutions that enable financial institutions to implement their respective use cases for digital assets. As the company writes on its website, its goal is to “support the bridge between the traditional and the new way of financing.”

In short, the company wants to make lending and equity finance simpler, cheaper, and more accessible through technology.

Sascha Ragtschaa and Florian Batliner-Staber founded WeOwn. Both have previously worked in management roles in technology companies.

What will Susanne Geber do at WeOwn?

WeOwn is now strengthening its advisory board. Susanne Geber, Executive Sustainability Strategy Officer at the private bank Donner Reuschel, has joined to support WeOwn in its further growth and development of regulatory relationships.

Geber brings experience in the digital transformation of banks’ business models and knowledge of financial market regulations in the EU. Her focus will be on WeOwn’s business development in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. As a member of the company’s advisory board, she will accompany WeOwn in building a regulatory licensing model through direct applications and partnerships.

Previously to Donner Reuschel, where she took over the role as Executive Sustainability Strategy Officer on 1 July 2022, she spent more than 21 years in senior positions in law, investment, and consulting. For the last 13 years, she has been Head of Strategy and Regulation at Deutsche WertpapierService Bank. Prior to dwpbank, she worked at the law firm Gleiss Lutz and at Dresdner Kleinwort.

Blockchain companies see legal challenges ahead

WeOwn strengthening its advisory board with more regulatory competence makes sense in the current environment. Blockchain-based companies are facing regulatory headwinds, particularly when they are involved with digital finance and especially cryptocurrencies. It’s thus paramount for such businesses to have top personnel onboard who understand the regulatory and legal landscape both in their respective jurisdictions and in Europe.

Just in early July, for example, Liechtenstein-based crypto exchange Bittrex Global appointed a new CEO. Oliver Linch, the former General Counsel of Bittrex Global, has taken over from Stephen Stonberg, who has stepped down as CEO. Other blockchain-focused companies have increased their legal and compliance resources, too.

WeOwn is not directly involved with cryptocurrencies. It’s not an exchange or crypto product provider. But as a company involved with digital finance, it is doing pioneer work in an area where legal frameworks are sometimes untested. That probably also was a reason for the company to launch in Liechtenstein, where the Blockchain Act provides a level of legal certainty that is so far unmatched in most other jurisdictions.

Image: (c) Own AG