Switzerland has launched an app that shows digital vaccination records. In the future, travelers might have to prove their vaccine status before entering another country. 

Digital Tools are becoming increasingly important to fight the COVID-Pandemic in Liechtenstein. Now, you can even get the Blessing of the Throats digitally – if you are Catholic, of course. Priest Josef has blessed Liechtenstein’s community on the 3rd of February via video.

Likewise, many of the more earthly challenges are now being tackled with digital tools. One of those tools is the digital vaccination record, available at www.meineimpfungen.ch, an app supported by severy associations such as the Swiss ministry of health, the pharmacists’ association, and several health practitioners.

Do you know where you keep your vaccination records? Right now? If not, you are not very different from a lot of other folks out there. If you don’t even know what that is, it’s a small yellowish book in which the doctor posts a little sticker every time you get a jab. As people get older, they get fewer vaccines, and they rarely ever take a look at that little book again.

That might change soon. It could be that we have to show proof that we got vaccinated against COVID every time we travel on air, maybe even if we want to enter a restaurant. Knowing full well that there are many different opinions on this topic, there is no need to dive into that further. Still, one thing is for sure: If we ever have to prove our vaccination status, a digital vaccination record will be handy.

Digital Vaccination Records

On www.meineimpfungen.ch, users can register and sign in with their email address. Users can create their record by picking the vaccine they received and the doctor who gave it. It is possible – although voluntarily – to have professionals check the vaccine records. The digital record shows your vaccine status, and an alert pops up if a follow-up jab is becoming due. Users can access the app on mobile, which is handy when traveling.

It’s also possible to inform the app when a user plans to travel abroad, if the user has any particular risk circumstances – for example, because of frequent travel in certain areas – or if the user has already had a history of certain diseases. The app then suggests certain vaccinations that fit to the user’s risk profile.

Austrian border closed for Liechtenstein residents without test results

That travel will get more restricted is already visible when traveling from Liechtenstein to Austria. Since last week, travelers have to show a negative COVID test. They first have to provide certain information through a digital form. They can’t enter Austria without prior registration through a Pre-Travel-Clearance Online-Form at www.sozialministerium.at/PTC-Formular-de.

Again, most of the registration and pre-clearance is now being done digitally, which is much more efficient than a paper-based system. In the future, it will likely be that travelers can show their vaccine records instead of a test. At that point then, it would be good to have all of that in a digital format.

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