Neufund has listed a new STO as “coming soon.” The Nu+ company is selling sustainable chocolate bars and aims to raise funds via the Liechtenstein-based platform.

A new STO is set to start in Liechtenstein. The Nu+ Company, a German company with a focus on healthy and sustainable food practices, has announced to raise funds through the tokenization platform Neufund.

So far, the details of the planned STO have not been published, but the company has made their pitch deck available for interested investors.

Nu+ sells environmentally-friendly chocolate bars and plants trees in Madagascar

Nu+ is based in Leipzig, Germany, and specializes in health-conscious chocolate, which the company has developed by themselves. The products are vegan, nutrient-rich, and allegedly contain 65% less sugar than traditional chocolate bars.

To date, the company has sold more than 1.5 million chocolate bars, resulting in over €3.5 million in revenue since 2017. It has planted 1.5 million trees in Madagascar, and over 5.000 stores in 14 countries worldwide sell Nu+ products.

Additionally, Nu+  advertises environmentally-friendly and sustainable chocolate production. “We search for the optimal combination of organic ingredients to increase nutrition and happiness when consuming our products,” says Nu+. “Above all, we believe that consumer goods have a huge potential to change the world for the better. That’s why we want to use our products as a lever to fight sugar, plastic, and climate change.”

For every chocolate bar sold, the company will fund the planting of one tree in a re-foresting project on the island of Madagascar. More specifically, they will plant mangrove trees – known for their ability to consume high levels of CO2.

To ensure environmentally-friendly packaging, Nu+ has teamed up with a company called Futurama, which provides an innovative form of packaging that is heat-sealable, renewable, and compostable.

The Nu+  team includes more than 40 staff and advisors and was founded by Mathias Tholey, Chrisitan Fenner, and Thomas Stoffels. Among the company’s corporate partners are companies like Rossmann, Müller, Whole Foods, and dm.

Neufund indirectly facilitates Liechtenstein-based STOs

STOs are particularly interesting for companies like Nu+  because they a relatively low-cost way of financing future growth. Going via Neufund should make the whole process even more straightforward.

Neufund is an investment platform that indirectly facilitates Security Token Offerings. Company stakes marketed via the platform are held by a single-purpose firm called Neumini, which will issue tokens that, in turn guarantee the rights linked to corporate stakes, such as dividend payments. Neufund calls this an ETO – Equity Token Offering.

Thus, businesses conducting an ETO via Neufund’s platform do not directly issue security tokens to investors. Therefore, Neufund does not need approval by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA). That means technically, and legally, Nu+ does not conduct an STO, and it probably won’t need a prospectus approved by the FMA.

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