The Swiss Digital Days have been a success story in recent years and will launch again on September 29. There will be a six-week program with workshops and events for citizens to experience the digital world, ask questions, and learn. 

The Swiss Digital Days (“Schweizer Digitaltage”) will take place on November 10, 2021. The goal of the annual event is to strengthen the participation of every individual in the digital world, regardless of age, education, or profession. It addresses the urgent need to close the digital gap and make digitalization a cross-generational and nationwide effort.

The event is organized by digitalswitzerland. During the six weeks before November 10, from September 29 to November 9, participants and attendees can choose from hundreds of offers to develop visions together, discuss questions and acquire digital skills. The events are free of charge and should feature different opinions and also criticism regarding digital topics. The Digitaltag on November 10 then marks the end of this six-week phase and will have its own daily program.

Highlights and awards

This year’s events will include online offerings and again face-to-face events throughout Switzerland. On November 10, a live stream and virtual events will be offered, complemented by decentralized physical events across the country. The event will focus on how society can make a digital future happen.

“We already dealt with this question intensively last year because it sums up the scope of digitization. This level of significance is reflected in our offering and our efforts to empower everyone to participate in the digital present and future. Skills for the digital world play a key role in this,” says Diana Engetschwiler, who is in charge of organizing the Swiss Digitaltag.

The event also features the Swiss Digital Economy Award 2021. Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter has confirmed her participation. Also, a hackathon for women should give young women the chance to meet experts to create innovative solutions to the most pressing problems of our time. It is aimed at women aged 18 and over, and more than 250 women are expected to participate.

There will also be an award for the most digital valley in Switzerland. The search is on for a region that stands out for its particular wealth of ideas and creativity. Innovative startups, SMEs, schools, municipalities, or institutions in valleys with original and sustainably implemented digital projects can participate.

Another award is the NextGen Hero Award of the Swiss Digital Economy Awards. It honors exceptional talents under the age of 25. These personalities show the inspiring potential of the young generation to actively shape the digital future of Switzerland. The category was launched during last year’s Digital Days and has already become a permanent fixture at the Digital Economy Awards.

The event has been a success in previous years and is expected to become a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and get creative. People from all over the world will participate, and it’s also a great opportunity for people from Liechtenstein to broaden their horizons and experience how digitalization is being lived in neighboring Switzerland.

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