Citizens of Switzerland and Liechtenstein will have the opportunity to learn about digital topics at the fourth Swiss Digital Days this November – and businesses will have a chance to present their ideas. Don’t miss it.

The Swiss Digital Days 2020 (“Digitaltage 2020”) are coming closer. From 1st to 3rd November, there will be more than 300 physical and virtual events all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein to inform and educate about digitalization.

These events are open for everyone to participate in. The idea is for people to engage in a dialogue regarding digital topics and the general population to learn and experience digital technologies to accelerate their adoption.

“It’s the fourth time that interested people can get informed, actively participate in the discussion regarding current topics, and learn digital skills for their everyday lives,” says event organizer digitalswitzerland about the event. There will also be two days full of live streams, featuring 45 talks, presentations, and workshops.

There will also be a series of open discussions called “Tell”. At last year’s event, there were 18 such discussions, where experts debated opportunities and risks of digitalization. This year, there will be about twice as many Tell-Events, says digitalswitzerland, also including international experts.

Digitalization should be inclusive

The Digital Days 2020 are not just about informing people, but they also allow businesses to gather extensive client feedback. It’s not just a marketing platform; the goal is to ask the population what their challenges are and how they believe digital technologies can help them master these challenges. “Asking questions about the future also means to ensure that everyone can take part in the digital world of tomorrow and benefit from it,” comments digitalswitzerland.

But it surely also is a marketing and PR platform. 15 startups will have the opportunity to present their projects in public voting, which will be streamed in the “Digitaldays TV”. It’s a way for businesses to present their ideas and solutions to the public and investors.

Learning Labs: digital classes for everyone

Another innovation at this year’s events are the so-called “Learning Labs”. Those are free online- and offline classes where participants can learn digital skills within 45 minutes. These classes will include themes such as managing digital media within the family or data security.

“The format of these classes is tailored for everyone: From kids to professionals and the elderly, who want to become more competent online and get ready for the future,” says digitalswitzerland. “Learning Labs” is co-organized by digitalswitzerland and the Swiss Association for Adult Learning (Schweizer Verband für Weiterbildung, SVEB). Are you interested in the Swiss Digital Days 2020? You can find the program, dates, events, and further information on the official homepage here.

Image: ©Shutterstock