It’s Christmas.


OMG, how time flies.

Have you already done all your shopping, or are you trying to fit in everything on the last day?

If yes, you won’t be alone, the streets will be crowded with last-minute shoppers. I’ll be one of them.

Do you need gift ideas?

Why not making it a blockchain-Christmas this year?

Spice up your Christmas tree with some crypto-inspired decorations. No?

How about Bitcoin socks for your loved ones?

There are also Bitcoin t-shirts, crypto candies, crypto mugs … or would you rather not sip your hot Christmas chocolate out of a Bitcoin mug this year? … I understand.

It’s quite impressive how much stuff there is. If you want a blockchain- or crypto-themed gift, you’ll have plenty of choice.

Crypto-Christmas cards for last-minute shoppers

The most interesting blockchain-related Christmas idea I have come across this year is Broadhaven’s crypto-Christmas Card. It’s a personalized eCard that allows last-minute shoppers to send cryptocurrencies to their friends and family.

The card can be personalized with a Christmas image and message. Buyers can choose to send either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The amount can vary from $5 to $50 plus a transaction fee.

You can set a specific date, so the recipient cannot take out the money prior to this date. And you can protect the access to the card with a passphrase, to make sure it goes to the correct receiver.

The idea came from Broadhaven’s founders Tim Holmes-Mitra and Alasdair McDonald. 20% of all profits made on the cards will go to Crisis, a UK-based charity that supports homeless people.

A crypto-Christmas card seems like a good idea for last-minute shoppers. Fast and easy, but it doesn’t have that sort of no-creativity feeling that comes with handing over cash.

Sure, in principle it’s the same as giving cash, but in a much fancier way. Probably even cooler than Bitcoin socks…

Merry Christmas from

Whatever Christmas gifts you buy, we hope you will enjoy your Christmas celebration.

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But for now, we wish you a merry Christmas and a great time with your families and friends.

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