MSS Holding AG, which owns several car rental companies in Switzerland, is now working with Liechtenstein-based Globalmatix AG to drive digital transformation. MSS will deploy the connected Car2Cloud solutions developed by Globalmatix AG.

The project follows a successful proof of concept, including 500 telematics boxes completed over six months. Globalmatix’s telematics boxes are installed in vehicles and enable access to a broad range of vehicle data, independent of the vehicle brand. Using encryption technology, Globalmatix aims to provide a high level of security against unauthorized access by third parties.

MSS Holding now plans to install at least 10,000 of these telematics boxes together with a multi-year data service from Globalmatix by the end of 2022. MSS Holding signed a master agreement to secure access to the telematics boxes and the service offered by Globalmatix for their car rental companies. The sale and installation of several thousand boxes have been agreed upon for the current year.

Digital connected car concepts

Telematics boxes are essential for companies renting out and operating passenger cars and fleets of vans. In collaboration with partners, MSS Holding implements a comprehensive digital connected car concept based on the data delivered by Globalmatix.

“The multi-brand capability, the modular and customized applications for all vehicles over the air interface, the high data resolution, and the range of applications available through a single telematics box were key factors in Globalmatix being awarded the contract,” said Andreas Buhl, President of MSS Holding AG.

“By using the Globalmatix telematics solution, we are creating the prerequisites for digitalization of our connected car concept. This will enable us to simplify complex return processes in a customer-friendly way and make them more cost-effective. Building up a car CV largely increases the resale value of our vehicles. Keyless access to the vehicles enables us to put the rental ‘on the road,'” Buhl added.

Bright future

Globalmatrix says it’s now seeing an uptick in demand as the pandemic effects start fading away. “Now that things are returning to normal after some very challenging times for our customers, the fleet market and car rental are picking up considerably, “says Alois Widmann, CEO of Globalmatix AG.

“Last year’s systematic refinement of our products and services is clearly paying off. Our solutions scale up in an increasingly broad and more international market. Our unique telematics box with integrated data logger for high data resolution and real-time access to vehicle signals for nearly all brands enables new connected car applications that translate into measurable simplifications and savings for our customers.”

The future for connected car rental concepts is bright. Especially the global push for combating climate change will make solutions for people to decrease their vehicle use important. Instead of owning a car, more people will share and rent cars. As a result, the costs of owning and using a car will increase, but the costs of digital solutions and sharing concepts will decrease.

Image: © Shutterstock