Mauro Casellini will leave Bank Frick to build up and run Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein. Both companies have close ties and see great potential for future cooperation.

Bank Frick’s Head of Blockchain, Mauro Casellini, is leaving the bank to join Bitcoin Suisse. He will build up and run Bitcoin Suisse’s Liechtenstein arm. Casellini will start in his new role on 01st July, according to an announcement of Bank Frick.

Casellini has been with Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick for the past five years and has built up the bank’s blockchain unit from scratch. He has overseen a 15-person team responsible for corporate crypto services, ICO advisory, as well as brokerages and exchanges. During these five years, Bank Frick has established its position as Liechtenstein’s leading crypto bank. Click here to watch an exclusive interview with Mauro Casellini.

Bitcoin Suisse and Bank Frick have close ties

Bitcoin Suisse is Switzerland’s biggest crypto broker. The firm is also a key broker for Bank Frick and a client of the bank. Both companies have close ties and serve similar client segments. Thus, part of Casellini’s role at Bitcoin Suisse will be to further strengthen this cooperation.

Bitcoin Suisse CEO Arthur Vayloyan commented, “There are already some upcoming joint projects in the pipeline, and we will be able to present additional innovative solutions shortly.”

Edi Wögerer, CEO of Bank Frick, said, „Mauro Casellini has substantially contributed to the build-up of our blockchain-banking division, and we are very grateful for his work. We are also happy to see that he will join a company that is closely connected to our bank. This also means he will continue to contribute to a crypto-banking sector that provides value for all serious market participants.”

He added that Bitcoin Suisse would become an exciting market participant in Liechtenstein, and he sees great potential for future cooperation between both companies.

Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein is gateway to Europe

Niklas Nikolajsen, founder and head of Bitcoin Suisse, views Liechtenstein and Switzerland as one big hub. Casellini shares this point of view. In an interview with Netzwoche, he said, „The Crypto Valley is not limited to Zug, but includes all of Switzerland and also Liechtenstein. There is close cooperation between the relevant actors in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and we don’t view each other as competitors.”

Bitcoin Suisse launched Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein AG in December 2018. The main reason why the company wants to build up its Liechtenstein-based business is that the country is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), whereas Switzerland is not. Thus, Liechtenstein serves as a base to conduct business across the entire EEA.

Casellini’s know-how and experience will be of great help. Besides leading Bitcoin Suisse in Liechtenstein, he will also fill a key function in the newly launched ISP Department (Institutional Services and Products) and build up Bitcoin Suisse’s institutional offerings.

Last year, Bitcoin Suisse doubled staff to 73 people, despite a drop in profits of about 30 percent. In Q1 2019, the firm has hired nine additional people, including Casellini. The company’s Liechtenstein expansion will be exciting to watch.


Image: ©Bank Frick / Mauro Casellini