LLB Group has announced its new 2026 strategy. Digital transformation will play a key role in improving the customer experience, scaling operations, and becoming climate-neutral.

The LLB Group is Liechtenstein’s oldest bank. The state is the majority owner. It has now announced major investments in its digital transformation, aiming to become a digital frontrunner.

The strategy “StepUp2020” will be completed by the end of the year, preparing the foundation for future-oriented corporate development, said the bank in a statement last week.

“With over CHF 100 billion business volume, we have reached a new record. We made three successful acquisitions, grew strongly, and increased our profit by 50 percent,” Georg Wohlwend, Chairman of the LLB Group’s board of directors, was quoted in the statement.

After that milestone, what comes next? A major push for digital transformation!

Act-26: Accelerate and transform

LLB has presented its new strategy called ACT-26 at the Investors’ Day in Zurich. ACT-26 stands for “active action 2026” and for “accelerate & transform. It should set the course for the next five years.

“With ACT-26, we want to accelerate our growth. At the same time, we want to become more customer-focused, efficient, and sustainable, using modern technology,” explains Group CEO Dr. Gabriel Brenna.

The bank announced the following targets for the five-year strategy:

  • Growth: > 3 percent annually in new customer deposits and customer loans,
  • Efficiency: maximum 65 percent cost-income ratio in 2026,
  • Sustainability: net-zero CO2 emissions by 2040 at the latest, plus a tier 1 ratio of over 16 percent.

To achieve these goals, massive investments in digital technologies will be made.

Digitization and sustainability

Much of the CHF 100 million will be invested in technologies improving the customer experience. “To this end, the digital client platform will be further modernized, and the digital product and service offering for all client groups will be further expanded,” LLB says.

Another goal is to simplify, standardize and automate core processes to increase efficiency and make the bank more scalable.

“This is with the aim of enabling future growth more cost-effectively and making the bank faster, simpler and better for clients,” the statement reads.

LLB Group also said it wants to become climate-neutral in its banking operations as early as 2021. It would be the first bank in Liechtenstein to achieve this goal and one of the first banks in Switzerland and Austria.

LLB wants to achieve this thanks to the complete compensation of greenhouse gas emissions from banking operations through investments in CO2-reducing projects in the region and worldwide. In this regard, the LLB Group works together with the Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate. In addition, the LLB Group set itself the goal of being completely climate-neutral by 2040.

Image: ©Shutterstock