If you feel as if you haven’t heard much from Liechtenstein’s digital economy in recent months, now is the time to get an update: The Liechtenstein Digital Summit will take place in September and provide a stage to discuss trends and network within Liechtenstein’s digital ecosystem.

Up until early 2020, Liechtenstein had gained momentum as a digital hotspot in the heart of Europe – then came COVID-19. With the pandemic spreading throughout Europe, including Liechtenstein, news about digital technology or exciting digital startups didn’t make the news anymore, or at least not the front page.

But now it’s time to pick up again where we left off just before the pandemic began. Time to return to normal, whatever the new normal may be.

The Digital Summit 2020 could be a great kickoff event for this new normal. It will take place on September 09th, in Liechtenstein’s capital city Vaduz, and will feature several high-profile speakers form the DACH region. Attendants can purchase live tickets, or, for the first time ever, participate via livestream – just one of many changes the pandemic has brought about.

Third edition with a range of prominent speakers

The idea behind the Digital Summit is to bring together decision-makers from Europe, in particular, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, to discuss and exchange ideas on digital trends. The first event in 2018 attracted about 400 people, and about 300 took part in 2019. As 2020 includes a digital livestream as well, the number of attendees could be much higher.

This year will be the third edition, and potentially the most important ever since. “The world after Corona won’t be the same,” says Stephan Sigrist, Director at W.I.R.E. He believes the pandemic will change the world and make it more digital and connected. It will, in particular, change Liechtenstein.

Sigrist will also speak at the Digital Summit. Other speakers are Tino Krause, Country Director DACH Facebook, Yvonne Bettkober, General Manager Switzerland at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Liechtenstein’s minister of the economy Daniel Risch.

The event is officially hosted by the principality of Liechtenstein. It has a wide range of partners, including leading international businesses such as Google, ThyssenKrupp, and Microsoft and local partners such as LGT, VPBank, Liechtenstein University, and many more.

Getting up-to-data on new trends

The pandemic has changed digital trends and has elevated many business models and crushed others. For everyone who wondered what happened in Liechtenstein’s digital industry over the last months, which companies have struggled during the crisis, where legislation is heading and what’s currently ongoing, he Digital Summit might be an opportunity to get up-to-date.

It will also be an opportunity to understand how neighboring countries have handled the pandemic and how it has changed trends. Which initiatives have gained momentum, and what has received less attention in recent months? Where is the region headed in terms of blockchain development? What happened to legislative projects? These questions will find a stage at the Digital Summit.

The main event takes place on September 09th, from 13:30 to 16:30 in Vaduz at Vaduzer Saal. The ticket for the physical event is CHF 290, and the live stream costs CHF 95. Ticket sales will end on September 02nd. You can get tickets here.

Image: ©digitalsummit.li