It was already planned for 2021, but now it’s coming. The Liechtenstein government has amended regulations to enable the digital driver’s license through the platform.

We reported in September 2020 that Liechtenstein was planning to issue a digital driver’s license in 2021. It has taken a bit longer than expected – granted, the pandemic has erupted many timetables and reshuffled priorities.

But now it’s coming. Last week, the Liechtenstein government passed legislation to amend the Traffic Licensing Regulation (Verkehrszulassungsverordung, VZV).

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The amendment to the VZV will create the legal basis for introducing the digital e-driving license. As a result of this amendment, driving license holders will in the future no longer have to carry paper or plastic driving licenses as a certificate for driving a motor vehicle in road traffic in Liechtenstein. Instead, they will be able to identify themselves digitally.

The digital document will be equivalent to the physical ID card. Users can log in to a digital ID platform through their smartphones, using the electronic identity solution “” The e-ID was launched in April 2020 and allowed users to access their electronic identity documents and personal vehicle data.

New timeline

The technical implementation of the digital driver’s license is expected to occur in spring 2022. All driver’s license holders who use the “” application will automatically be provided with the e-driver’s license in the application. The Road Traffic Office will provide information on the implementation date of the e-driving license when the exact date is finally set. Expect it to happen within the first half of 2022.

What does it look like?

The digital license looks similar to the physical license. The front side shows a picture and license number. The backside shows the Name, birthdate, residence, issue date, and expiry date. It also shows which vehicles the license holder is allowed to drive and comes with a QR code. Users can scan the QR code to verify the license validity.

Source: VZV

Valid throughout Europe

The digital license will be valid within the entire European Economic Area (EEA), of which Liechtenstein is a member. The EEA generally accepts digital versions of official documents. The same should go for Switzerland.

That said, it is recommended to keep carrying a physical license when driving outside of Liechtenstein, at least in the first phase of the roll-out. It will probably take a few years until law enforcement in other countries becomes familiar with digital documents. That limits the benefits of the digital license to Liechtenstein for now, although in the long-term, it is likely that most EEA member states will launch digital licenses as well.

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