Acronis opened a data center in Liechtenstein to service Liechtenstein-based managed services providers. Why that makes sense and why other companies will likely follow.

Data security is increasingly becoming the focus of consumers and businesses. It matters how the data is stored, what laws and standards are adhered to, and where the data is stored. That also means locations with high legal certainty and well-developed data protection laws have an advantage – locations such as Liechtenstein.

The software company Acronis announced recently it opened a data center in Eschen, Liechtenstein. The company was founded in 2003 in Singapore and established its headquarters in Schaffhausen in 2008. It runs 111 data centers worldwide in locations such as Switzerland, the USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand. And now also in Liechtenstein. Why opening a data center in such a tiny country?

Storing data near the home base

Acronis offers a cloud location to managed service providers based in Liechtenstein, now with their own Liechtenstein-based data center. That makes it easier for the company to tap into Liechtenstein’s growing market for digital services, as businesses prefer to work with a cloud provider that stores all their data within the country.

That comes with several advantages: First, knowing that all data is stored in Liechtenstein gives businesses certainty that the jurisdiction’s standards in terms of data security and privacy protection are being adhered to. Second, it gives businesses legal certainty as they understand Liechtenstein’s legal environment, which generally enjoys a high level of trust throughout the world of business. Third, it makes it easier for companies to sell their services to data security-concerned consumers, as they can guarantee Liechtenstein’s high standards. And fourth, if there are any issues, it will be easy to take action if the data center is just around the corner.

Heiko von Soosten, General Manager of Acronis for the German-speaking DACH region, explains, “The clients of our partners in Liechtenstein want – especially to comply with legal requirements – to store their data in Liechtenstein.”

Microdata centers

As more and more customers want their data stored in their base countries, Acronis wants to launch so-called micro data centers, which they can “easily send to other countries as a unit,” explains Soosten. That also makes it easier to move data in case a business wants to move their operation to another country and take their data with them. Additionally, Acronis also wants to offer cybersecurity solutions to its customers. That certainly makes sense, as data centers and cybersecurity somewhat go hand in hand.

In Liechtenstein, the idea is met with positive reactions. Yves Meier, board member at Liechtenstein-based IT-company GMG AG, believes there is great potential for data centers in Liechtenstein. “Liechtenstein is well connected and has a high standard in terms of data protection laws,” he says. “As a result, Liechtenstein will become increasingly attractive as a location for future-oriented global businesses to establish their data centers.  

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