With its new service portal, Liechtenstein’s administration wants to create a better user experience and make its services more accessible. A step in the right direction.

Liechtenstein’s administration has remade its website “serviceportal.li”. The goal is to provide citizens an easier way to get information and access to public services. The new portal is way better than the previous version, which was introduced in 2014 and didn’t meet the users’ needs.

Updating the public administration’s online presence was a promise that the current administration made for the term 2017-2021. “The website of the LLV (Liechtenstein’s public administration) will be optimized for a better user experience and made more user-friendly,” wrote the administration in its agenda.

Making public services digitally accessible

It was about time that that happened. The previous version of the website was hardly user-friendly. The local news page Vaterland.li judges that it was build from the “administration’s point of view” rather than for the user. It was challenging for users to find the required information without understanding how the administration actually works. But exactly that was the website’s goal in the first place: making it easier for citizens to access public services.

Compared to the previous version, the new website is a milestone. It’s much easier to use, and there is a mobile version as well. The administrative sections are split into 15 areas from pregnancy and birth to family, education, residency, mobility, health, and more. Users now don’t have to search for hours which administrative unit exactly they have to go to with their problems. Instead, they simply click on the area they need support in and directly get to where they want. That makes it easy for users who don’t understand how the administration works to find information quickly.

Just the first step

The website is a step in the right direction, but it’s just a first step. It certainly doesn’t mean Leichtenstein’s administration is now completely digital. It still relies on too many manual and paper-based processes – like pretty much every administration globally – which creates inefficiencies and costs.

The ministry of Prime Minister Adrain Hasler has announced that the administration plans the further development of serviceportal.li. In the future, the website will also provide information for businesses. Also, private individuals and businesses will receive personalized accounts.

“With these accounts, we will create a centralized, interactive access, which on the one hand provides personal or business-specific information and on the other hand also enables users to complete their administrative affairs directly in their respective accounts and keep track,” writes the government. 

Users will be able to access their accounts via the new “eID.li”, which was already presented in April 2020. The app enables users to fill in forms on their mobile phones, sign them with a digital fingerprint and hand them in.

These kinds of services are exactly what users now need. Having a digital strategy in place is one thing. Making it happen and providing easy-to-use tools for users is another. Digital tools can bring a vast array of advantages to users, but only if they make it easier, not if they make things more difficult.

Image: ©Shutterstock