This year the Investor Summit Liechtenstein was a digital conference, something we have become accustomed to. The conference is important for Liechtenstein’s startup ecosystem, so going digital was the right decision. 

The Investor Summit Liechtenstein is an event that aims to connect investors and startups. This year, due to the pandemic, it took place in a digital format. About 400 participants in the DACH area opted in per Livestream to watch eight startups pitch their ideas. At the end of the Livestream, the participants voted on the winner.

A jury chose the participating startups. From the 50 applicants, the jury selected those that were mature enough for investors. And, equally important, they have to have a connection to Liechtenstein’s USPs, in particular, financial services and digitalization. Startup-founder Christoph Pichler, who was part of the jury, told the local newspaper that Liechtenstein is an excellent place for founding a business, as entrepreneurs can rely on the government’s support, a strong network of investors and established businesses, and qualified experts.

Fascinating startups from the DACH region

The winner of the event was Matriq AG, a St. Gallen based business that develops a tool to watermark plastic parts during a manufacturing process. Its Dynamic-Mold technology marks plastic parts with a smartphone-readable code that enables the traceability of every single part manufactured. Every manufactured product thus comes with a unique identity that can easily be checked through the code.

Another startup from the region was Subdron, based in Lauterach. The company develops submarine drones that can create 3-D-Models of structures that are below the surface through the use of sensor technology. These drones can, for example, identify damage on ships.

Arthur Büchel, a Liechtenstein-based entrepreneur, presented his project “Urbanbox,” which is about extendable solar cells. Büchel explained at the Investor Summit that solar cell technology is already well-developed, but it is not yet used extensively, particularly in urban areas. His technology can easily be installed above parking lots or highways and thus generate more renewable energy. He concluded his pitch with the words, “support Urbanbox, for a renewable Lichtenstein, for a renewable world.”

Liechtenstein needs to actively build a startup ecosystem

Events like the Investor Summit Liechtenstein support Liechtenstein’s startup scene in many ways. First, they help to connect ideas with capital. There is no shortage of good ideas, and neither is there a shortage of investors willing to support them. What it needs, though, is places for founders and investors to interact.

Secondly, the Investor Summit Liechtenstein focuses not only on Liechtenstein but also on the greater DACH area, including neighboring Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It helps startups engage with foreign investors and foreign startups to widen their perspectives on ideas and innovative technologies.

And third, the Investor Summit Liechtenstein also helps Liechtenstein gain visibility as a place for startups to set up shop. Priska Rösli, founder of Red Leafs Tax in Ruggell, comments, “For startups, it is important to exchange with other startups. And for such an active exchange, there needs to be a community – and someone has to actively build that. That’s where Liechtenstein has to engage, be brave, and move ahead.” It’s good that the organizers have not canceled the Summit because of the pandemic. Life must go on, and many good ideas need support.

Image: ©Shutterstock