Startups can now apply for the Igeho Rising Star Award, which offers them a chance to present their ideas at the Igeho convention in November. An opportunity for digital hospitality startups to get international exposure.

Hospitality startups from Liechtenstein and Switzerland can apply for the Igeho Rising Star. The award is for talents and startups from the hospitality industry that create innovative and sustainable business models.

Igeho is an international platform for hotels, catering, take-away, and care institutions in Switzerland. The event takes place in Basel from 20th November to 24th November. The winners of the Igeho Rising Star will have the opportunity to showcase and promote their ideas at the event and receive a cash incentive. The total value of the cash and non-cash prizes awarded as part of the Igeho Rising Star is around CHF 25,000.

Igeho is an opportunity for startups to network with the Swiss and Liechtenstein-based hospitality industry and potential international investors. As such events were rather rare over the past year, due to the pandemic, the opportunity is ripe for the taking.

Fresh ideas and sustainable business models

The Igeho Rising Star looks for new ideas for the hospitality industry with the potential to influence the future in a ground-breaking way. With the award, Igeho wants to set an example, especially at these challenging times.

“New concepts and innovations are essential for our industry, not only in the current situation,” says Judith Krepper, Head of Segment Hospitality and Director Igeho. “Promoting forward-thinking, visionary young companies has a very special significance for us. With the Igeho Rising Star, we want to offer founders and startups an excellent opportunity to get in touch with relevant stakeholders.”

An independent, six-member jury of experts will evaluate the participants and their projects according to their innovative strength, market relevance, sustainability, and growth potential. The jury will then select the winning team in the category of founders or startups. The winners will receive the Igeho Rising Star as well as coaching.

Six finalist teams will be nominated. These six teams will get the chance to present themselves free of charge to the professional audience of Switzerland’s largest hospitality platform. They will be part of a stand in the newly created Innovation Area and can showcase their ideas in the Speakers Corner.

Digital startups welcome

The Igeho Rising Star is an excellent opportunity for digital startups as well. Like every other industry, the hospitality industry is experiencing a massive digital transformation. Digital transformation will reshape the industry from booking to marketing to payments and blockchain-based travel portals over the years ahead.

Various startups across Switzerland and Liechtenstein work in this space, as the hospitality sector in both countries is significant in terms of size and international reputation. Frontrunners in this industry may use the Igeho Rising Star to get more national and international exposure.

The application deadline is 30th June 2021. You can apply for the award here.

Image: ©Shutterstock