Social media has become a key tool to build an employer brand. Especially tech companies need to position themselves, as the labor market won’t get any easier.

Almost every business has a social media presence today. No matter if they sell shoes or financial services. But the internet is not only a place to market products and services, but also to find and hire new employees. In the search for talents, building an employer brand has become key.

That’s also true in Liechtenstein. The tiny country is dependent on foreign workers, in particular from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In a 2020 survey conducted by, digital companies based in Liechtenstein mentioned it was hard for them to find staff with excellent digital skills and get them to work in Liechtenstein. Social media employer branding might help.

Which platforms are the best?

It depends. Platforms focusing on the professional world, particularly LinkedIn, are probably the first that come to mind. However, that’s not necessarily correct. Companies looking for a designer might see more fit on image platforms like Instagram, those looking for videographers might focus on YouTube. The key is to go where potential job applicants are.

Liechtenstein-based companies are also increasingly embracing social media to build employer brands and recruit new talents. The magazine “Berufswahlmagazin” polled Liechtenstein companies to find out what exactly they do on social media. Here are some examples:

What Liechtensten busineses do

Liechtenstein-based LGT Group, a family-owned private banking and asset management firm, runs an Instagram channel. Nicole Marthy from LGT says the channel gives insights into LGT’s training processes. Still, LGT does not accept any job applications through social media, although people can contact the firm via LinkedIn or Xing. For job applications LGT uses its online platform. LGT does use social media channels, especially LinkedIn and Xing, to distribute their job apps.

Another example is Liechtensteinische Post. Sandra Gujan, Head of HR, says the company also does not accept applications via social media but does use the platforms to spread the word, especially LinkedIn. When it comes to accepting job apps, the Post prefers email. Likewise, Marco Frick from OC Oerlikon Balzers AG says the company only uses social media to promote job ads but doesn’t accept any applications through this channel. Giogrio Di Benedetto, CEO at Atelier B&B AG said the same.

Mostly for promotion

Altogether it seems businesses in Liechtenstein use social media to promote their job ads, but not to accept applications. That can work well in combination with a digital portal. LGT’s Nicole Marthy says as employees and followers share the job ads, they generate a high reach. Another advantage is that potential applicants already have a reference point in their network to ask first questions. Marthy believes that is a huge advantage.

Another benefit of using social media to build an employer brand is that employers can engage with their audience – in this case, job seekers – and explain their advantages. As companies are competing for the best talents, every edge they can get is welcome. Especially in the tech industries, this competition is quite stiff, and employers today need to offer more than a paycheck. Social media is a great place for a accompany to communicate its values and why it’s a good place to work.

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