Liechtenstein will make the green covid certificate accessible through Citizens can register for the app at a public office and get the COVID certificate directly in the app.

Liechtenstein has already allowed restaurants to reopen. The limit on public events has also been lifted. Liechtenstein’s government has been faster in lifting lockdown restrictions than neighboring Switzerland and Germany. For those who wish to travel, a digital certificate to prove vaccination status will soon be ready.

Social Minister Manuel Frick said a few weeks ago that Liechtenstein was working on a digital solution to provide a vaccination certificate. The EU plans that people who want to travel will have to prove that they have been vaccinated, already had COVID and have recovered, or produced a negative test before they can travel. As the rules will also be rolled out across the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein-citizens will be affected.

Citizens will soon be able to register for the digital “green certificate” through the digital identity To use, folks will have to download an app and physically register at the “Passamt” in Vaduz. Yes, that’s right, to use the app, you’ll have to go to a public office and register physically. I know what you think, but that’s how it is!

 Registering for the eID is like getting a new passport. The registration is free of charge and theoretically takes just a few minutes. Make sure you have installed the app already when you get there, so you save some time. For more information on how to register, visit

Also, as there will be many people going to register, the government plans to allow people to register directly when they get vaccinated. So you get an appointment to get vaccinated, then you get vaccinated, and then you get the eID. And theoretically, then you should be able to travel across Europe.

No need for two separate apps

The good thing about Liechtenstein’s solution is that there is no need for separate registration for the green certificate. Instead, you get the eID and then don’t have to register for another app – which is what you have to do in most other countries. “If someone has the eID and opens the app, he will automatically see his certificate and the QR code,” said Martin Hasler from the Social Ministry to the local newspage

The app automatically gets the data on vaccinations from the newly created COVID registry, explains Hasler. This registry includes vaccinated people and also those who have recovered or completed a COVID test. Frick explains this solution was possible because Liechtenstein is small. “We in Liechtenstein have the advantage that we can have centralized systems for the vaccinations and the tests, which we can use to get the information for the certificate,” says Frick.

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