The Finance Forum Liechtenstein will take place in the coming September; it is currently planned as a life event. It provides a platform also for fintech startups to pitch their ideas and network with decision-makers. So don’t miss it.

The Finance Forum Liechtenstein will take place on September 9th in Vaduz. It’s the seventh edition of the forum that brings together decision-makers from the private sector, scientists, and politicians to discuss the future of the financial industry.

The forum is themed “Future of Finance”. Liechtenstein’s head of government Daniel Risch will open the event, followed by high-profile speakers. The seventh edition will focus on the impact of the COVID pandemic on the financial industry and the political, technological, and regulatory framework for financial services providers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to tackle the most pressing challenges.

High-profile speakers, workshops, and discussions

This year’s event will feature speakers like futurologist Max Thinius and Thomas Gottstein, CEO of Credit Suisse. Both will talk about the opportunities and challenges of the financial industry and provide their perspectives on the way forward. Other speakers will address the topics of innovation and sustainability, for example, Evelyne Pflugi, co-founder and CEO of Singularity Group; Thomas Wüst, CEO of ti&m; Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, a pioneer in the field of impact investing; and former German Vice-Chancellor and Minister of the Economy Philipp Rösler. The event Moderator will be Reto Lipp. Apart from keynotes, there will be workshops and penal discussions and lots of chances to network. You can find more information about the program and the speakers here.

The government of Liechtenstein sponsors the Finance Forum Liechtenstein. It is also supported by several Liechtenstein-based financial associations and partners from the private sector. According to the statement, the event is considered “the best-known dialogue and image platform for the financial center.”

It currently looks like the event will go ahead as a life event. For the past year, life events were rare, which has made it harder to network and exchange ideas. The Finance Forum Liechtenstein is one of the major events in Liechtenstein and not only relevant for the financial industry. It’s also a place where innovative tech startups can present their ideas and network with industry leaders.

The event will take place in the Spoerry-Halle in Vaduz. Tickets cost CHF 450 (CHF 120 for students), and you can register here.

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