Liechtenstein gets four seats at the EUSALP Youth Council. Anyone between 18 and 29 years can apply. Do you want to be part of digitalization and sustainability projects? Apply and get involved!

There are certain topics that affect in particular the younger generations. One is climate change; another is digitization. The latter will benefit every generation, but the younger ones are much more likely to use it privately and work-related.

Your grandfather could probably use email as well, maybe he does, but likely not in the way and the intensity you do. And that will be the same with other digital solutions that are being developed today. You will use them extensively throughout your lifetime. Your parents might use them too, but probably less so, and most of them will likely have a less disrupting effect on their lives than yours.

And that is precisely the reason why young people should get involved in digital initiatives early on in their lives. Just like the first three waves of industrialization have changed the world for generations, industry 4.0, the next wave of technological adoption, will make a significant difference in our lives today. So let’s get involved, no matter at what age.

The EUSALP Youth Council

Of course, it’s not always that easy for young people to get involved with impact projects. One way is an initiative called EUSALP, a macro-regional strategy of the EU. The idea is that the Alpine states in Europe work together more closely to seek solutions to common challenges.

Liechtenstein participates in EUSALP together with Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia. Young people from the EUSALP countries between the ages of 18 and 29 can apply until May 16th, 2021, to participate in the EUSALP Youth Council. Four young people from each of the seven Alpine states will get the chance to contribute to the implementation of the EUSALP for one year.

Now that’s not only about digitalization; the scope is way bigger. EUSALP covers projects in science, transport, sustainability, connectivity, renewable energies, and more. But in all these areas, digitalization and innovative technologies will play a key role. Being part of the EUSALP Youth Council, you are part of the EUSALP bodies and sit at the table for all decisions. You can propose concrete actions, projects, and topics, bring ideas to politicians from the EUSALP countries and regions, and raise awareness for your region’s specificities at the European level.

Does that sound like something you or someone you know would like to do?

Here is the application form; the deadline is May 16th, 2021, at .

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