Shapeshift announced a six-part TV series called “Down the Rabbit Hole.” It’s about cryptos, and how they may change our lives.

Financial markets can be thrilling, especially if you invest your own money. But even if not, finance makes for an exciting watch.

Both, Wall Street (1987) and the 2013 version Wolf of Wall Street were successful movies. So was Margin Call, which takes place over a 24-hour period at a large Wall Street investment bank during the initial stages of the financial crisis.

Thus, it’s about time for cryptos to make it into the TV. Crypto exchange ShapeShift has now announced its TV series. “Down the Rabbit Hole” will highlight the stories of six different crypto enthusiasts over six separate episodes.

Six parts cover different aspects of cryptocurrencies

Proponents of the TV series are Zooko Wilcox (CEO of Electric Coin Company), Nyla Rodgers (CEO of Mama Hope), Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar (CEO of RSK), Meltem Demirors (CSO of CoinShares), Tatiana Moroz (founder of Tatiana Coin), and Erik Voorhees (CEO of ShapeShift).

According to Shapeshift’s Twitter announcement, the series “explores what cryptocurrency means to them and the impact it has had on their work, lives, ambitions, and beliefs. From Entrepreneurs to Artists to Humanitarians, they all have one thing in common: their belief in the future is not one that is provided by centralized services, but by technologies which are powered by people.”

Part 1: The Technologist

The first part is about Zooko Wilcox’s path in cryptocurrency. The primary focus will be the benefits of cryptography, and cryptos’ impact on data privacy. Wilcox and others explain their view on privacy and how cryptos can help to restore individual privacy as a human right.

“Privacy isn’t about isolation – it’s about community. But with consent,” Wilcox once wrote in a tweet. “You get to choose who is watching when you let your hair down. You get to choose who is around the table when you tell your story.”

Part 2: The Humanitarian

Part two features Nyla Rodgers, who explains how cryptocurrencies can support underbanked groups of society to participate in the global economy.

Rodgers is the founder of Mama Hope. The non-profit has a 9-months training program to teach young social entrepreneurs everything from project management to fundraising. The program also pairs entrepreneurs with visionary leaders in communities worldwide.

Part 3: The Innovator

RSKLabs develops an open-source-platform for dApps and smart contracts. The company also created a bond that allows consumers to use renewable energy in their ride-sharing opportunities. In part three, CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar explains how these applications can improve peoples’ lives.

Part 4: The Venture Capitalist

The Venture Capitalist is about the story of Meltem Demirors and her work at CoinShares. Demirors also helped launch the blockchain investment firm Digital Currency Group, and later hung her own shingle at Athena Capital. She once was referred to as the Sheryl Sandberg of cryptos.

Part 5: The Musician

Part 5 is about Tatiana Moroz’ “Artist Coin” and how cryptocurrencies can reshape music and the art business in general. Her work touches on smart contracts, intellectual property rights, and royalties management.

Part 6: The Entrepreneur

The final part features ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees, his story and the social impact of cryptocurrencies.

The idea behind the series is not only to be entertaining but to offer the audience valuable insights into how cryptos work and what they’re here for.

In the meantime, actor Kevin Connolly has also announced a TV show called “Cryptos” for 2019. Hence, crypto enthusiasts can stay tuned. 2019 will likely be a better year for cryptos than 2018 was. And if not, at least there’ll be something to watch on the Telly.


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