On Saturday, Don Tapscott – one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and the economic and social impact of the Blockchain technology, sat together with Prince Michael from Liechtenstein and Monty Metzger, Founder of the LCX Exchange, to discuss the Blockchain technology.

Every new technology creates fear

Prince Michael opened the evening with his opinion on the Blockchain-technology. Being an entrepreneur himself, he said that he always has to look for the future and that is why the Blockchain technology is so interesting.

The disruption of the future is to be seen positive as only with change, something can be improved and become better.

Blockchain will have, according to the Prince, a huge impact on the financial system and new business models will arise. That means also, that other businesses have to be changed in order to survive.

Our industries now have to convince us that the trust we put into them and their new technologies are staying continuously trustworthy. That means, that they have a big responsibility with implementing the new systems!

Liechtenstein as the place to be

Don Tapscott, who co-authored 16 books about the Blockchain technology and is part of the Blockchain Research Insitute, stated that Liechtenstein might be a good place to start the Blockchain technology.

He further said that as Liechtenstein is such a small country, it is perfect to initiate a self-sovereign place and show the rest of the world how the Blockchain can be implemented into the everyday life. Even though Switzerland has bigger Blockchain hubs, Liechtenstein is catching up quickly!


The next similar event will be held on December 13, with Jimmy Wales (Co-Founder of Wikipedia)


Image: ©Ramona Salzgeber