The Digital Solutions Guide is a database for SMEs to quickly find high-quality digital service providers to support their digitalization efforts. It also provides a way for service providers to market their services to a broader audience.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Sounds good, but how to do it? Say you run a brick-and-mortar store, and you want to launch a website and an online store but have absolutely no idea where to start. Or you run a larger business and need a full-scale IT solution to go digital. How to do it? Who to ask?

We frequently get these questions here at, and many of our readers ask us for recommendations on digital service providers. The problem is that most search engines don’t provide good answers, as they are often dominated by big tech. Small and medium-sized enterprises often can’t afford these solutions, and they also don’t need them. Most SMEs don’t need Salesforce; a simple CRM and sales software will do the job. For the overwhelming majority of our clients, it’s about finding fast, cost-effective, and uncomplicated solutions.

Digital Solutions Guide: A comprehensive database

That’s why the Digitale Wirtschafts Club (DWC) launched the Digital Solutions Guide (DSG) to help SME’s find the best digital solutions providers. DSG is a contact platform and search engine that shows you companies and experts that provide exactly the solutions you need.

The DSG is clustered in 10 categories of digital products or services that are in high demand: 

  • communications platforms,
  • digital finance,
  • information systems,
  • CMR systems,
  • marketing & sales,
  • product management & development,
  • HR management,
  • project management,
  • process optimization,
  • business management.

In each category, we list available service providers that can help you bring your business to the next level.

As a registered enterprise of the comprehensive database, you can choose between a free membership that gives you access to one category and an advanced or premium membership that give you access to two and four categories, respectively. If you want access to more categories, you can add them for a small fee.

A marketing platform for service providers

The DSG have made it easy and straightforward for service providers to register to the platform to offer their services to users. When registering,  several requirements are checked to ensure that only high-quality service providers appear in the listings. You are asked to demonstrate:

  • GDPR-compliance,
  • a transparent pricing model,
  • customer support options,
  • system requirements and implementation guidelines,
  • language options,
  • communications channels,
  • training formats,
  • references,
  • contracts.

All of that is to ensure a high-quality database to the benefit of both service providers and DSG users. The primary purpose is to help SMEs bring their digitalization up to speed. Because digital transformation is nothing that happens in strategy meetings. It needs proper implementation, and most businesses won’t be able to do it alone.