The Digital Hunter Akademie is about to launch. The 8-weeks program is an opportunity for consultants, teachers, trainers, coaches, and everyone who wants to learn how to use digital tools in the world of business.

The digital wave is on its way and is already changing the world. Are you ready? Probably not, like most of us. What does it mean to live and work in a digital world? What skills do we need, and how will digital tools impact our everyday lives?

The Digital Hunter Akademie is a series of online webinars that teach participants how to get ready for Industry 4.0. It caters to consultants who want to digitize their consulting services or have already started to do so. In ten years from now, every third consulting session will be online. Whether you are a teacher, coach, consultant, or just someone interested in digitalization opportunities, the Digital Hunter Akademie is for you.

Free starter webinars

To get started, there are starter webinars to dive into digital consulting and get more information about the Digital Hunter Akademie, free of charge. You can reserve a seat here.

These starter-webinars will allow you to ask your questions and receive more information about the Digital Hunter Akademie.

8 weeks of training and a certificate

If you decide that the training program is the right fit for you, you can sign up for the academy. During eight weeks, you will participate in 20 hours of training to understand the nature of digital consulting. Digital professionals will teach you how to use digital tools and software, how to structure digital consulting or sales meetings, how to protect your clients’ privacy and more.

At the end of the 8-weeks program, you receive a certification that qualifies you to take part in the exam of Deutsche Verkäuferschule GmbH, where you can receive a certification as a digital consultant (zertifizierte/r Digital Berater/in) – this exam is not part of the 8-weeks training program. This certificate is valid throughout all of Europe and free of charge. It is accredited by CertEuropA GmbH, which is a German accreditation agency with offices in Kassel, Munich, and Shanghai and a representation in Switzerland.

Trainers with hands-on practical experience

The coaches at Digital Hunter Akademie are Jens Sauter, Yvonne de Bark, and Martin Limbeck. Jens is a marketing consultant and developed marketing and sales strategies for more than 2,000 multinational companies and international organizations. Yvonne is an online coach who has already trained more than 7,000 people, including the board of directors of German blue chips and leading politicians. She has also published 11 books and runs her own podcast (“Wirke wie du willst”). Martin Limbeck supports businesses worldwide in building and optimizing their sales organizations. He has received various awards, such as “International Speaker of the Year” or the “Conga Award.”

Together, Jens, Yvonne, and Martin will ensure that you get the tools and knowledge you need to jumpstart into the digital world. Seats for the seminars are limited, so sign up as soon as possible.

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