Blockchain Startups need finance, and investors want to benefit from the technology’s growth prospects. CV VC tries to combine both in its “Technology for Tomorrow” Actively Managed Certificate.

Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) wants to enable investors to participate in their blockchain-startup-portfolio. The company will issue a certificate together with MRB Vermögensverwaltungs AG (MRB) and GenTwo Digital. The so-called “Technology for Tomorrow” Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) is an investment certificate with a Swiss ISIN number, and investors can easily buy it through their bank.

CV VC invests in global blockchain startups

CV VC invests in blockchain projects worldwide and in particular in the Crypto Valley. The startups receive financing in exchange for equity and take part in CV VC’s three-month incubator program. Through its CV Labs, co-working spaces with branches in Zug, Vaduz, and Dubai, and more than 140 startups, CV VC also offers additional consulting services and organizes startup conferences.

The startups in CV VS’s portfolio are predominantly from e-commerce, future of work, lifestyle & health care, security & identity, research & science, and finance & investments. The expectation is that blockchain technology will play a key role in further developing these sectors.

“It’s key that our startups solve a concrete problem with blockchain technology,” says Matthias Ruch, founder and CEO of CV VC in an interview with the Crypto Valley Journal. “It has to be more than just the intent or an idea; we have to see a concrete plan for the implementation.”

Making blockchain startups an investable asset class

Investors who buy the AMC certificate will get a share in this portfolio of promising blockchain startups. “With the AMC, qualified investors will get access to the Crypto Valley, the uprising blockchain technology, and a diversified range of applications in different sectors, that will potentially grow significantly in the future,” explains Olaf Hannemann, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at CV VC.

“Together with our partners, we transform promising startups from the Crypto Valley into an investable asset class. Qualified Investors will benefit from the expertise, the investment strategy, and the broadly existing portfolio as well as an attractive investment pipeline of CV VC, to which we continuously add promising blockchain startups from the whole world.”

“Old” meets “new”

With the partnership between CV VC and MRB, the “old” world of asset management and the “new” world of blockchain comes together. Investors don’t need to participate in an STO or buy a token to invest in these startups. It’s a traditional investment route, simply buying a certificate via the bank, so nothing new for seasoned investors.

“MRB appreciates the potential of blockchain technology,” says Markus Töllke, CEO at MRB Vermögensverwaltungs AG. “It’s exciting for us to launch a project together with CV VC, which should provide investors access to businesses, which are expected to become leading actors in their technology niche over the next years.”

These kinds of investment products are essential for blockchain businesses, as Token Sales alone are not a reliable way of startup funding, at least not yet. By providing a certificate with an underlying blockchain startup portfolio, CV VC helps companies get finance, and it helps investors participate in the future growth of the technology.

Image: ©Shutterstock