CV Labs has opened a second location in Vaduz, which celebrated its grand opening yesterday. The coworking space belongs to CV VC, a Venture Capital firm that aims at developing the domestic and global blockchain ecosystem with various initiatives.

CV Labs celebrated the grand opening of its new coworking space in Vaduz yesterday afternoon. The company announced a list of new locations in a bid to go global this year. The new hub in Vaduz is CV Labs‘ second coworking space, which opened its doors on the 1st of October. In addition to the locations in Vaduz and Zug, CV Labs has planned offices in Dubai and Singapore.

150 attendees had signed up for the opening party, including representatives from Cryptix, CoreLedger, and Bitcoin Suisse. The opening speech was held by Thomas Dünser, Director of the Office for Financial Centre Innovation at the Liechtenstein government. It was followed by several speeches by members of Liechtenstein’s blockchain community.

Crypto Valley Venture Capital

CV Labs belongs to CV VC, which stands for Crypto Valley Venture Capital. CV VC was launched in 2018 by Mathias Ruch, Marco Bumbacher, and Ralf Glabischnig, which were also the founders of Lakeside Partners.

Based in Zug, the company invests in blockchain startups. According to the website, CV VC’s investment approach focuses on “long-term value creation” instead of mere speculation and the company wants to contribute to the build-up of the domestic and global blockchain ecosystem.

CV Labs

CV Labs is a coworking space launched by CV VC. The idea is to bring together different stakeholders of the blockchain ecosystem to facilitate an exchange of ideas. The first location opened in Zug and now the second in Vaduz.

Today, there are more than 130 startups registered on CV Labs’ premises. The co-working hub offers services, such as incubation for early-stage startups, services for corporate clients, blockchain, and entrepreneurship education modules. CV Labs also organizes events and content marketing, aimed at positioning blockchain companies within the ecosystem and advisory services, which aim at helping blockchain companies to set up shop in Zug.

CV Labs also runs an incubator program. The selected teams will receive up to $125,000 investment in exchange for 10 percent equity and coaching and mentoring for 10 weeks.

CV Summit

Twice a year, CV VC organizes a CV Summit, where the blockchain communities from Switzerland and Liechtenstein come together in Zug and discuss industry trends and challenges. The latest CV Summit was held in March 2019 and focused on the development of the industry.

In 2020, the CV Summit will take place in Davos, the home of the World Economic Forum. The idea is to connect blockchain businesses with leaders from other industries and politicians to facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange.

CV Competition

CV competition is a contest where businesses can display their blockchain projects. Each competition targets a specific industry: insurance (2017), finance (2018), and real estate (2019). The ten best ideas will present their venture on stage at the CV Summit and the winner will be rewarded with a $100K cash prize, a free one-year membership at CV Labs’ coworking space, and a program of professional coaching.

CV Maps

The goal of CV Maps is to provide an overview of the entire Crypto Valley in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Currently, there are over 800 blockchain startups, service providers, and other organizations on the map, that are involved with blockchain technology.

With these initiatives, CV VC intends to develop the local and global blockchain ecosystem. The new coworking space in Vaduz is available now. Might be worth dropping by?

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