A startup from Berlin wants to enable everyone to make informed decisions in crypto markets. They focus on crypto lending, as everyone understands the concepts of saving money and earning interest.

Liechtenstein is one of the world’s leading nations for all things crypto. It has one of the most blockchain-friendly regulations and the most transparent crypto tax laws, according to the auditing firm PwC. How popular cryptocurrencies are as an investment vehicle in Liechtenstein is fairly obvious when looking at the various crypto-focused social media groups, clubs, and meetups.

Like everywhere else, most Liechtenstein-based crypto enthusiasts own Bitcoin and maybe a few other leading cryptocurrencies. But the crypto asset class has much more to offer. The Berlin-based startup CryptoStudio, which launched just last week, wants to provide especially inexperienced savers and investors advice to capitalize on the opportunities of the digital asset class.

Interest income with cryptocurrencies

CryptoStudio provides an independent comparison & knowledge hub and data-driven decision-making tools. It focuses on educating users about crypto lending, which provides a way to earn interest on cryptocurrencies by depositing them in crypto savings accounts.

“We believe blockchain technology enables financial sovereignty & opportunity for everyone,” states the team on their website. As the concepts of saving money and earning interest are well-understood by everyone, they believe crypto lending in combination with stablecoins is a “killer application.”

That’s even more true in Germany, where much more people put their money in savings accounts – despite negative real interest rates – than investing it, let alone in crypto. Liechtenstein and the rest of the German-speaking area are not that different: Way too many people accept that inflation eats away at their savings instead of learning about investments.

Of course, crypto lending, which pays interest of up to ten percent and more, isn’t exactly comparable with bank accounts. There is no free lunch! The opportunity is greater, but so are the risks. CryptoStudio aims to educate its users in this regard and provide guidance.

Informed decision-making

CryptoStudio wants to enable everyone to make informed decisions in crypto markets. On their website, there are detailed comparisons and reviews of different crypto lending platforms and exchanges. Users can find out which platform suits their individual needs best and use the website for their due diligence. The reviews compare different categories such as crypto savings accounts and loans, security, the user interface, and the business prospects of the respective providers.

Additionally, there are lists of crypto-focused podcasts and newsletters. For those who want to learn more about crypto lending, a Lending ABC explains in detail how it works and where the opportunities and risks are. There is also a Crypto ABC for beginners that explains everything about cryptocurrencies.

 The “yield planner” enables users to calculate their earnings based on different strategies. One strategy is a crypto DCA plan, which means investing a regular fixed amount to smoothen the volatility through a cost-average effect – basically a savings plan with cryptocurrencies.

The second strategy uses crypto lending, where savers can earn interest income on top of the asset’s potential price appreciation. It’s not only that the interest rate compounds over time, but as the interest payout is denominated in a cryptocurrency, the value of those payments could go up over time, too. CryptoStudio calls this “compound interest 2.0,” interest on steroids! As they state in their calculations, the effect could also go in the other direction, watch out!

To round it all up, the yield planner also lets you calculate your interest in a fiat fixed term account. But let’s be honest, that’s just to show you how depressing those rates are.

Source: CryptoStudio Yield Planner

Track record

The founder of the CryptoStudio is Tim Keding, is an entrepreneur with a significant track record in Berlin’s startup scene. He has founded Shoepassion, Absolventa and Monteurzimmer.

“The crypto industry has already had its Netscape moment, but the equivalent of the e-commerce boom is yet to come,” says Keding, pointing out the parallels with the early days of the internet. 

The rest of the team are “techies, startup founders, finance guys, and crypto enthusiasts from Germany.” They want to provide “dogma-free and unbiased” information to help their users achieve “more financial sovereignty.” The website is available in both German and English.

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