Liechtenstein has a lot to offer for businesses, from simple administrative procedures to its great location in the heart of Europe. The founder of Liechtenstein-based NutriFly highlights some of the advantages of doing business in Lichtenstein.

Liechtenstein may be small, but it’s a great place for doing business. In the first three quarters of 2022, 461 companies were founded in the principality. The country also has more jobs than its inhabitants: 5000 companies employ more than 40,000 people. Innovative businesses and competitive remuneration packages attract many commutes from neighboring Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

An example of innovation made in Liechtenstein

The Swiss newspaper NZZ recently interviewed Franco Bargetze, founder of the Liechtenstein-based biotech startup NutriFly, who provided some insights into what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in Liechtenstein.

NutriFly produces sustainable and high-quality food for animals and plants. Regionally available by-products from food production are processed in a hall in the industrial area of Liechtenstein into protein-rich feed and nutrient-rich fertilizer with the help of insects.

“Through this upcycling and a resource-saving circular economy, we help to minimize waste and ensure the long-term and sustainable nutrition of animals and plants,” says Franco Bargetze. He accomplishes this by nurturing “black soldier flies” (Schwarze Soldatenfliege). During their rearing, which lasts two weeks, the insect offspring converts low-grade food waste into energy and protein. Food fibers, excrement, and insect skins left over from larval rearing are processed into fertilizer and returned to agriculture so new plants can grow for the food supply.

Simple administration

The Principality of Liechtenstein played a role in the company’s success. Not only did a hall become available at the right moment for the startup to move into and get started with its pilot plant. Bargetze explains that simplified conditions for founding a company were extremely helpful.

“Quick administrative procedures of the authorities are particularly valuable. Everything is done within a week if you have your name and legal form. Liechtenstein is very business-friendly,” he says. This is also reflected in the costs of setting up a company. Just 10,000 francs are enough to register a limited liability company.

A Liechtenstein company, a legal form only available in Liechtenstein, costs just CHF 10,000. This legal form makes it even easier to set up a company.

A great place for entrepreneurs

The convenient location between Switzerland, Austria, and Germany makes Liechtenstein even more attractive. At NutriFly, an external consultant travels from Switzerland, and soon an employee from Austria will start working at the company.

Also, Liechtenstein, in the meantime, offers a vibrant entrepreneurial community and plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and network. Liechtenstein is known for its high-tech products and innovative industries. Fastening systems, dental products, plug-in connections, heating, and air-conditioning solutions, surface technology, and foodstuffs are produced here and exported. The customs union with Switzerland and membership in the European Economic Area make trade with the neighboring countries easy.

In addition to business aspects, Bargetze also appreciates Liechtenstein’s leisure activities. “I have to get out of the house, and I’m already in nature and the mountains. Especially in winter, when I want to go on a ski tour, it’s perfect,” he told NZZ. Additionally, Liechtenstein offers good restaurants and bars and has generally developed from a simple and calm place into an innovative business location with a lot to offer.

Image: (c) Shutterstock