Bots don’t cry, laugh, feel … but humans do. That’s why the founders of Zurich-based startup Bots Don’t Cry have developed a game to teach players how blockchain finance works. With an entertaining board game, players learn about the technology and concepts such as asset tokenization. The next step for Bots Don’t Cry is a crowdfunding campaign starting 5th October.

Finance is exciting for some, but boring for many. The same goes for blockchain, meaning the number of people who find blockchain finance interesting is not exactly huge. Felix Saible, Loraine Olalia, and Dominik Jocham have set out to change people’s minds with their new startup Bots Don’t Cry.

The idea behind Bots Don’t Cry is to make blockchain finance interesting for a wider audience. “Financial topics are often complex, have a negative connotation, or are seen as boring. But they accompany us all life long. We believe financial topics should be accessible for everyone, without any fear,” reads the website.

Blockchain-themed board games

To pursue their mission, Bots Don’t Cry have developed “Fintainment” games that aim at making finance more interesting. Through gamification, the team hopes to achieve a mixture of entertainment and financial education.

The first game is called Token Economy. The idea is to educate the player on blockchain-based financial applications such as asset tokenization or cryptocurrencies. Throughout the game, players learn what those concepts mean, how they work, and why they matter for the future of the economy.  The target audience of this game is virtually everyone who wants to learn about blockchain and finance.

The idea of connecting blockchain-education and gaming has been put into practice by other startups as well. Bd300 launched last year in Liechtenstein, a collectibles game that wants users to “have fun learning about Liechtenstein while getting to know the blockchain.” The goal was to celebrate Liechtenstein’s 300th anniversary with a card collecting and trading game based on blockchain technology.

Crowdfunding through

Bots Don’t Cry is based in Zurich. After participating in a class on Blockchain technology, the founders realized that the technology is not that easy to understand, even for experts and students. That’s when the idea of Blockchain-based Fintainment was born.

Co-founder Felix Saible also works as Senior Marketing Manager at Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick, one of the first banks in Europe to adopt blockchain-finance. He says Bots Don’t Cry is the first company that has developed a blockchain-themed physical board game.

On 5th October, Bots Don’t Cry will launch a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for further development of their startup. On, supporters can send Bitcoin as well. According to Saible, the company has already registered “extremely high demand” from potential supporters.

Image: ©shutterstock