A Liechtenstein-based startup is going to launch bd300; a blockchain-based card game that aims at educating users about Liechtenstein’s history and blockchain technology.

Liechtenstein sees yet another innovative product: bd300, a collectibles game that wants users to “have fun learning about Liechtenstein while getting to know the blockchain.” The idea is to celebrate Liechtenstein’s 300th anniversary with a fun collecting and trading game, based on blockchain technology.

A bd300 representative explained on bitcointalk.org, “There is no ICO or token because what we want to achieve with this project is: Firstly, to create a game that people will have fun playing. Secondly, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein, our home country. And thirdly, to create a showcase for blockchain that is engaging and understandable for the general public to help educate people about how this technology functions.”

He added, “We all believe in blockchain, and Liechtenstein has been an early adopter of favorable regulations for this technology. So a game celebrating both is really a no-brainer.”

The goal of the game is to create a 300-picture album

The goal of the game is to create an album that tells the story of Liechtenstein in 300 pictures. Like other crypto-collectibles, pictures have a market value, and users can trade them with other users. Every time a user trades a card in-game, the swap will be recorded and secured via the blockchain. The first 300 completed albums will get printed and presented to the winners.

Users can register on the bd300 App via bd300.li and start playing the game. bd300 will launch the app for iOS and Android, with both German and English editions.

“Featuring a beautiful hand-drawn art style, this whimsical collecting and trading game is the perfect way for anyone with a mobile phone to learn something about one of the smallest nations in Europe, and one of the few remaining monarchies in the world, all while getting a chance to actually use blockchain,” reads the official press release.

All pictures are original hand-drawn artwork. They can be acquired either online or in certain outlets. No cryptocurrencies or tokens can be used in-game. Instead, players use fiat currency to buy starter packs of cards and then start trading.

Users will then import the pictures and place them in an album. Images show important people, historical buildings and unique institutions from the past 300 years that have contributed to Liechtenstein’ success.

Cooperation between TRIOB and Coreledger

The company behind bd300 is TRIOB – The Rare Items On Blockchain. TRIOB’s founders are Klaus Stark and Bernhard Elkuch, both well-known entrepreneurs in Liechtenstein’s blockchain scene.

Klaus Stark is a co-founder of the Crypto Country Association and Partner at Ganten Group. He has also been a passionate collector of all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia for many years. Bernhard Elkuch has been working in the crypto industry since 2015 and is involved with several companies in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The game has been in the works since early 2018 and is powered by Switzerland-based blockchain infrastructure Coreledger. It runs on its own self-contained blockchain. Dr. Johannes Schweifer, CEO of Coreledger, presented the game at last months Blockchain Meet-Up in Vaduz.

bd300Klaus Stark and Bernhard Elkuch presenting bd300 to Prince Alois von Liechtenstein ©Klaus Stark

Klaus Stark and Bernhard Elkuch have already presented bd300 to Prince Alois von Liechtenstein, and he liked it. Thus, it’s approved by Liechtenstein’s royalty, and ready to go. The launch party is tonight, the 10th of April at the Bierhüsle Schaan.


Image: ©bd300