Following thought leaders is the best way to keep up with blockchain industry trends and the latest developments. The most popular blockchain thought leaders have a deep expertise, years of industry experience and regularly publish content online.

When was the last time you have read about blockchain in a mainstream publication? It could have been a while ago. The blockchain revolution happens mostly online, and despite blockchain’s rising popularity, it is still a niche phenomenon.

Experts discuss blockchain on tech blogs, in online forums and on social media channels. The industry debate is driven by thought leaders and influencers who publish their opinion, interpret industry trends and raise awareness for certain issues.

The terms “thought leader” and “influencer” are sometimes used synonymously, but they describe personalities with a different focus. A though leader aims at providing information and driving debate, an influencer is using his/her authority to sell products or services.

That said, you really want to watch out for thought leaders who publish unbiased opinions. That’s where you can learn the most and get high quality information. Thought leaders have deep subject matter expertise and usually a large online presence. If you want to stay up to date, follow the most important industry thought leaders and read what they have to say.

Vitalik Buterin – the Smart Kid

He is a founder of Ethereum and the Bitcoin Magazine. The Russian-Canadian software engineer and author has significantly contributed to the industry. He has been heavily involved in the Ethereum universe and regularly publishes content on medium and his own blog.

Buterin is mostly concerned with scalability issues of the Ethereum network and the reductions of storage costs. As the network expands, the amount of virtual space required is growing. Buterin promotes a process called “sharding,” which means that each note on the network would store its own part of the entire network.

People follow him because of his Ethereum expertise and his unbiased views on industry trends. He is certainly one of the most liked and most respected blockchain thought leaders out there with a huge twitter following.

You can follow Vitalik Buterin on Twitter (819k followers), read his blog and watch this interview.

Charlie Lee – the Coder

He is the creator of Litecoin, which came up two years after Bitcoin. He is the managing director of the Litecoin foundation and is regularly blogging about a variety of issues in the blockchain space, mostly in regard to cryptocurrencies. He has an impressive GitHub portfolio which you can check out here.

Charlie believes the main issues for the future of cryptocurrencies are network security, market capitalization, liquidity, trader support and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

You can follow Charlie Lee on Twitter (794k followers), and watch this interview.

Andreas Antonopoulos – the Consultant

He is an author, speaker and regarded as one of the world’s leading bitcoin and blockchain experts. His audience appreciates him for his ability to explain complicated issues in a simplified manner.

His most popular books are “Mastering Bitcoins”, a technical guide to Bitcoin, and “The Internet of Money”, volumes 1 and 2. You can take a look at his GitHub collection here.

Antonopoulos is most concerned with the transition of cryptocurrencies to become a globally accepted payment method and is reporting on open source Bitcoin projects. He is very active on Twitter, you will find him at the heart of most blockchain-related discussions on the platform.

You can follow Andreas on Twitter (455k followers), read his blog Antonopoulos and watch this  interview.

Nick Szabo – the Godfather

Szabo designed Bitgold in 1998, which was supposed to be a decentralized, gold-based digital currency. It was never implemented, but it is said to be the predecessor of Bitcoin. Some even claim Szabo might be Satoshi, although he has denied it repeatedly.

Szabo is also a leading source when it comes to the design and implementation of smart contracts. Besides that, he writes about law, history and economics. The fact that he was involved in blockchain from the very beginning and his great insights in the technology make him one of the most respected thought leaders in the blockchain community.

You can follow Nick Szabo on Twitter (223k followers), read his blog and watch this interview.

Don Tapscott – the Author

Don Tapscott is the author of “Blockchain Revolution”, “Wikinomics”, “The Digital Ecomony” and several other books. He is also the CEO of the Tapscott Group, a think tank centered on innovation, media, and the economic and social impact of technology.

He is widely regarded as a leading blockchain expert and pioneer, regularly talking and writing about industry trends and developments. He is especially interested in the opportunities blockchain technology offers for businesses and governments and he drafts up ways how to get there.

You can regularly see Don speaking publicly about blockchain, check out his latest Ted talk.

You can follow Don Tapscott on Twitter (111k followers), read his blog and watch this interview.

His son Alex Tapscott is also a well-known figure in the blockchain space and co-author of “Blockchain Revolution”.

These five personalities are some of the most important blockchain thought leaders who you must follow to keep up to date. Those are just our top picks, there are many more. But with those five you have a variety of different opinions and focuses. Following them and regularly reading up on their publications can greatly enhance your understanding of the blockchain space.


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